Our after-school computer clubs in Kenya and orphanage computer labs in Vietnam feature well-trained technology teachers, robotics, solar systems, Google Apps, Classmate PCs, Chromebooks, coding, project-based learning activities, design thinking, microscopes, temperature sensors, and a variety of lessons and activities that have been designed to develop student creativity, critical-thinking, and collaboration.


Our teachers in Kenya and Vietnam facilitate over 100 classes each week featuring student-centered learning environments where students have the opportunity to use the varying technologies available to them as they learn to assess information, manage, create, enhance, and manipulate content, and use web-based technologies to communicate and collaborate with others.


In Vietnam, where most orphans graduate the orphanage under-prepared for the next phase of their lives, we are using computers, internet, well-trained teachers, and a variety of engaging lessons to teach important digital literacy skills, motivate children towards an interest in lifelong learning, and inspire them to look forward towards their future with hope.


In Kenya, where many preschoolers stay home alone during the day while their parents go to work, we are providing a preschool program featuring exploratory learning, computer-based literacy and numeracy learning, a food program, and social workers who work closely with parents to help strengthen the family unit.


Before the Kidspire early childhood literacy program started, only 16% of the community 5 year olds were passing their entrance exam to enter kindergarten. Today, 100% of our preschoolers are passing their entrance exam and literacy scores are increasing two-fold.


Since 1991, the year we were founded, we have helped more than 800 children find adoptive homes, providing them with the permanency and stability that every child deserves.